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Ethel Suspense is a Finnish alt-country band that has its roots deep in Americana and power pop. Guitar-driven tunes filled with memorable choruses and Eaglesque harmonies - these are the elements that form the basis for the band.

Ethel Suspense draws inspiration from bands such as Wilco, Teenage Fanclub and Jayhawks 

The band continues to discover new melodic gems in the key of C. In Autumn 2020 Ethel Suspense is writing new material and getting ready to hit the stage after Covid-19 has been finally put to rest.


#NordicAmericana #Americana #AltCountry #powerpop #indierock


säv.san. Tomi Korhonen, Juha Takanen

sov. Tuomas Ferm, Kim Kannussaari, Tomi Korhonen, Juha Takanen, Katariina Samula

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