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Blue Impulse esittely

The latest release of Blue Impulse, “then there’s always you”, was written partly in the north during cold midwinter, in the attic of my childhood home and partly in the warm breeze under tall palm trees. A mystical soundscape and beautiful harmonies rest on a dark beat while a smokey voice is singing about someone who is always there when you need them.

The song was produced by two professional sound women, Kata Samula and Oona Kapari.


Blue Impulse was recently signed by Kuohu Records, a fast growing indie label.

Promotion and marketing is done by Kuohu Records.

New release out now!


Blue Impulse is a project of Kata Samula, an indie artist and a singer-songwriter from deep blue northern lakes. Songs are born somewhere in the middle of dim, hypnotic and melancholic sounds and there love is yet an aching unsolved mystery. 

Blue Impulse music is inspired by the art of impressionist period, also by water and the endless space around us. The lyrics are about love and aching with it. There's something very lonely about the space. The stars in a clear dark night sky look so amazing but seem so lonely, so far apart from each other.  The lakes and oceans are in a way also isolated from us. They're mysterious in their silence under the surface and they are worlds of their own. 

I guess humans try to break that isolation in life by trying to connect with each other and nature and break so heavily when they fail. 

Musical influencers: Tori Amos, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Ane Brun, FKA Twigs, Fiona Apple, Björk, Kate Bush and Debussy.

All music and lyrics by Kata Samula

Listen to Feel Better,
the first single of Blue Impulse.

Feel BetterBlue Impulse
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